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Taking Back the Knit...

... one stitch at a time

Take Back the Knit
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It's all over the LJs on yr friends list. It's something that intrigues you, this talk of binding off and purling and mattress stitching, but it also freaks you out. What is a LYS, for Maude's sake?? (It's an acronym for Local Yarn Store) Asking on the other knitting communities seems to be a bad idea because they're all so... good at knitting... so... terse with their answers...

Or -- maybe you were taught how to knit ages ago but have forgotten, and all the discussion makes you want to dig out that old pair of needles and a skein (or as my daughter says, a skank) of something -- anything! -- to try again. Other knitting communities have not been forthcoming with the warm fuzzies.

Maybe you've been knitting for years and are enjoying see yr friends pick something up that's given you so much pleasure (and warm stuff to wear!). You know you can answer their questions. You know you have the good resources. You have the 411 on the good LYS' in yr town and how to help yr friends find them in their towns. You have stories about how you learned, confessions of knitting in public, fibers you favor. You lurk on other communities, but good GRIEF, they're square.

Yep, it's time to Take Back the Knit. I horked the name of this brand spankin' new community from Debbie Stoller's Stitch 'N Bitch book. I hope that's OK. "Stockinettes" sounded less appealing as the morning wore on.

Anyway, join! Post! Talk about yr yarn store! Ask for help! Show off those finished objects! Give us some linky love! Lament the last thing you ripped out and started over on! Go into meticulous detail about yr knitting supplies! Brag about yr yarn stash! Become obsessed!

Please do not spam the group with advertising for stuff you make! Ostensibly, the group is comprised of knitters who probably aren't interested in buying anything (though we might want to know how you did it!), so please don't use this community to advertise. Thanks.

ALL GROOVY KNITTERS WELCOME, including would-be knitters who think it's going to be too difficult or that there's math involved (Nina? Are you reading this?), or knitters-in-spirit who want to just get in on the knitty action.

No question too dumb. No project too (accidentally) ugly. No story too silly.